Disable gnome keyring on debian buster

I have reached my breaking point with trying to figure this out on my own on Debian Buster. I am almost never in front of the computer on which I’m running gpg, so having the passphrase prompt be a popup on the computer’s monitor is entirely useless for me. I have spent hours this evening trying to make it go away. I tried uninstalling it and it happily uninstalled most of Gnome. I understand that other things (like maybe Networkmanager?) are dependent on it, so I guess I just want it to NEVER EVER think it has any role to play in gpg.

I tried the suggestion here: but that seems outdated. It doesn’t work. I removed execute permissions on gnome-keyring-daemon, and that made no difference.

What do I need to do to get a normal passphrase prompt at the cli without being hijacked by Gnome Keyring?

I’m sorry for my frustrated tone.

Super User Asked by nelsonov on December 27, 2020

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