Explorer.exe making outbound TCP connection to Akamai

Super User Asked by John Hammond on December 14, 2020

I’ve just noticed that my c:windowsexplorer.exe executable has attempted to make an outbound connection from localhost:49844 ->

It seems that this IP is registered to Akamai, but I never know how to be sure whether or not things like this are malware related. I’ve done some research and it seems that others have encountered situations similar to mine, but none with the specific IP.

Can anyone shed some light on exactly what this is doing?

One Answer

Akamai is a legitimate Content Provider company proving content out to users on the web. That is a legitimate connection and not to worry. via Smart Whois -

Akamai Technologies, Inc. 145 Broadway Cambridge MA 02142 United States

Yeung, Kam Sze +852-92813828 [email protected] Schecter, Steven Jay +1-617-274-7134 [email protected] ipadmin +1-617-444-0017 [email protected]

NOC United States +1-617-444-2535 [email protected]

AKAMAI Created: 1999-01-21 Updated: 2020-08-26 Source:

Completed at 10/27/2020 6:38:35 PM Processing time: 0.47 seconds View source

Correct answer by John on December 14, 2020

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