Google Chrome: Is there a keyboard shortcut to open a link in a new tab?

Super User Asked by Jan Aagaard on December 17, 2020

Is is possible to open a link in a new background tab in Google Chrome with a keyboard shortcut?

(I know it’s possible with Ctrl+click and middle click, and I know that Shift+Enter opens the link in a new browser window.)

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"Ctrl + Enter" should work...

Correct answer by Leo Shastri on December 17, 2020

Ctrl + Enter to open a link in a new tab and stay on the current tab

Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open a link in a new tab and go to the new tab

Answered by daGo on December 17, 2020


  • for Windows and Linux: ALT + ENTER
  • for Mac:
    • open in new background tab: CMD + ENTER
    • open in new tab: CMD + SHIFT + ENTER


You could use it the following ways:

  1. Highlight link: TAB
  2. Open link in new tab: ALT + ENTER [Windows/Linux], CMD + ENTER (+ SHIFT) [Mac]


  1. Jumb to address bar: STRG + L [Windows/Linux], CMD + L [Mac]

  2. Type in url or search term

  3. Open in new tab: ALT + ENTER [Windows/Linux], CMD + ENTER (+ SHIFT) [Mac]


Here you can find all Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts. Some of them are pretty useful.

Answered by winklerrr on December 17, 2020

It is now ctrl + cmd + enter. Ctrl + enter only opens it in the same tab.

Answered by Isabella Chen on December 17, 2020

Type in your search query and then use the shift+ to navigate through the search results. You would see an arrow appear near the links when you move through them. To open a link, hit enter. ctrl+entr would open it in a new tab.

It would be great if there was a keyboard shortcut to open the first link directly in a new tab, something like shift+1. I have not found anything of that sort till now.

Answered by user590849 on December 17, 2020

  1. Type your query in the search box.
  2. Press ENTER
  3. When the results page appears, press Tab once.
  4. You should be able to see an arrow pointing towards the first link.
  5. You can move to other links using Up and Down arrows.
  6. Go to the link you want and press Ctrl+Enter to open in a new tab or just Enter to open in the same tab. You can use Shift+Enter to open it in a new window.

Answered by Vishal on December 17, 2020

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