How do I disable the "Check your passwords" prompt in Chrome?

Super User Asked by quant on October 1, 2020

Everytime I log into anything on my local network (where I use passwords like "password" on development web hosts) I get a warning from Chrome that I have to manually hit "close" on. When I’m frequently spinning up and shutting down web servers this becomes tedious. I’m sure the feature is useful to others but the annoyance it’s causing me makes it more trouble than it’s worth. How can I turn this feature off?

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One Answer

This feature was optional in the past and was called "Warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach". However, it's no longer optional. It will "protect" you against using very common passwords, whether you want it or not.

To get rid of it, the best solution is to mangle the passwords a bit. Otherwise, the solution would be to use another browser that doesn't do this check.

Answered by harrymc on October 1, 2020

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