How to include only specific columns as axis categories from an Excel Table

Super User Asked on October 31, 2020

I am familiar with Excel Tables, Pivot and so on.. but one tricky thing, how can I hide a column in the Table and also have that column not used as a category in my chart?

Excel has a solution by using Pivot as the best option, or without Table format.

Is there any other way?

For instance I would like to hide column B in my screenshot and not show those values in my chart. I don’t want to delete that column.

p.s. Once when the data is hidden, still you can see them actually on chart. I dont need only on my sheet hidden but on Charts too.

enter image description here

This is just a sample of my data. The full table is larger.

One Answer

If you don't want to use a pivot, change the order of your columns so you can select just the columns you want. Cut the third column and insert it next to the first column. Then create the chart by just selecting the first, second and third columns.

enter image description here

Unfortunately with multi-level axis categories like this, I believe you can only control the vertical alignment of the inner-most axis. So, you can rotate the D1 column but not the Date, unless you put D1 to the left of Date in your data table.

PivotChart will give you more control over the formatting for nested categories.


It occurred to me that you could concatenate (join) the columns you want to use into a single column for the category. Then you would be able to rotate the whole thing:

=TEXT([@DATE],"dd/mm/yy")&" "&[@D1]

enter image description here

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