How to Recover a NTFS-formatted RAID 1 Enclosure with 2 Hard Drives?

Super User Asked by Jon Santos on October 17, 2020

I have an enclosure that supports two hard drives in RAID 1 mode. A few days ago I connected the enclosure to my laptop and Windows was giving me errors saying it couldn’t read/load the D: partition. I believe it must have been disconnected without "removing it safely", maybe because of a reboot or sleep, I’m not sure.

The fact is that I can’t see the files anymore, neither in Windows nor Linux. Nothing is able to load the partition. They’re two 4GB HDs NTFS-formatted. I tried using TestDisk, but it started giving me errors after 75% of the analysis (and 5 days later). I can try again, but I really thing it’s a simpler situation than usual. I haven’t formatted anything by mistake so I believe the files are there, it just seem to be a problem caused by disconnecting the enclosure without "removing it safely".

Does anyone recommend any software or any way to recover it?

Btw, I’ve tried doing a simple "chkdsk D: /f" with no success. However, chkdsk does recognize the partition as NTFS whereas the Disk utility from Windows recognizes it as RAW.

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Well, I've managed to recover the files using a tool called DMDE Express (the express versions costs $20). The files somehow got into a hidden partition but were all there. Nothing got lost. I plugged only one of the disks directly into my laptop using a SATA-to-USB adapter.

I believe this problem could have been solved with TestDisk. However, it was taking way too long for any type of scan. By long I mean a week just for the analysis.

Anyway, just posting what's worked for me here in case anyone faces a similar problem.

Answered by Jon Santos on October 17, 2020

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