Import passwords from Firefox to LastPass

Super User Asked by noamtm on December 10, 2020

All of my passwords are stored in Firefox. Now I want to start using LastPass, so naturally I want to import all passwords.

For whatever reason, (a) Firefox doesn’t present an option to export passwords and (b) LastPass doesn’t present an option to import from Firefox.

Am I missing something? Seems obvious to me that both features should exist.

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I could not get Lastpass to import the CSV that ff-password-exporter wrote. Got the passwords, but none of the site URLs.

However I did find that the current FireFox (81.0.2) has an Export function. Pull down the FireFox menu and click "Logins and Passwords". The top line says "Firefox Lockwise". At the far right, after [Sign in to Sync] is a 3-dot menu icon. Pull that down and select "Export Logins".

Install the Lastpass addon.

In Firefox, run Lastpass.
In the menu/icon bar down the left side click "more options...", Advanced, Import. Select Source as "Generic CSV File". Choose the file you just created. Click Upload.

Answered by Guy Gordon on December 10, 2020

Firefox doesn't present an option to export passwords

You can use ff-password-exporter to export passwords:

  • CSV or JSON formats.

  • GPL 3.0 licensed.

  • Runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • Firefox 58+ with key4.db profiles is supported.

LastPass will import CSV files.

Answered by DavidPostill on December 10, 2020

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