Is a VPN effective at protecting my privacy while using Chrome?

Super User Asked on December 2, 2020

I’m interested in using a VPN to improve my online privacy. I am however wondering as to how effective this can be, while using a browser like Chrome, which I use also while logged in (to keep my passwords for instance).

So for example, whereas the Google search engine would not know who I am using a VPN, Google still has access to my identity through Chrome, and by extension to my email and so on. So is it fair to say that in this situation a VPN is useless?

Hence, if I really intend to protect my privacy, is a VPN alone going to make any difference? Or do I also need to change how I interact with the internet through the browser?

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I think you are mixing technologies. VPN's can be used to securely connect to company's networks and encrypts the traffic. As well as using a VPN obscuricate where you are coming from, tricking services to believe you are in a different place, by getting the IP of the VPN provider. IE tricking television services into thinking you are in NY when say you are in Europe. Google knowing your searches as, well as linking your youtube and gmail is a privacy problem. If you are concerned about that use other search engines like

Correct answer by Mark Scheck on December 2, 2020

VPN extensions can be added to most web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Firefox. Some browsers, including Opera, even come with their own built-in VPN extensions.

Extensions make it easy for users to quickly toggle and configure their VPN while they browse the internet, however, the VPN connection will only apply to information shared on that browser. The use of other browsers and other non-browser internet use (for instance, online gaming) may not be encrypted by the VPN.

For more details, please refer to:[enter link description here]1

Answered by Gloria Gu on December 2, 2020

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