Is there a way to stream audio from Windows to macOS with low latency?

Super User Asked by GuyGizmo on October 31, 2020

I’m looking for a way to stream audio from an application or system output device on a Windows system to a mac over my local network. I need it to be high quality and low latency (less than 50 ms).

If I were streaming between two Windows systems I could use VBAN but it doesn’t look like anyone makes a VBAN receptor for macOS.

Is there anything else I can use to do this?

One Answer

It turns out that VB-Audio's VBAN Receptor works great in macOS using Wine. Combining that with Voicemeeter means I can stream audio from my Windows system to my mac with very little latency.

edit: I've also just learned that there is a native version of VBAN Receptor for sale in the macOS app store that works even better.

Correct answer by GuyGizmo on October 31, 2020

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