NVIDIA Control Panel not available on Windows Server

Super User Asked by orenk on January 1, 2022

Per Microsoft request, NVIDIA removed their GFX Control Panel from their driver packs and now it is available only in the Microsoft Store. (See this support article.)

Since I currently use Windows Server, I do not have Access to the Microsoft Store. I contacted NVIDIA Support and they said that my GeForce GT-710 card does not officially support Windows Server, and there are no drivers for server OS (even though Windows 10 64-bit drivers are fully compatible with Server 2019).

Older driver packs are not compatible with Server 2019 anymore because of the error:

Your system requires DCH Compatible driver package.

Any idea how I can get NVIDIA Control Panel working on Windows Server?
(Or how to install apps from the Microsoft Store on Windows Server?)

One Answer

Non-DCH drivers with NVIDIA Control Panel can be found here.

Answered by orenk on January 1, 2022

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