Restrict access to a drive to a single program (Windows)

Super User Asked by Guiorgy on January 1, 2022

I have a hard drive (not external) with incremental backups of my system and documents. The computer may be accessed by others in some cases, and they will be using the same account with admin privileges. Also, there are many other computers attached to the same network. All of this makes me a little worry for the data on the drive, be it in case of a human error, or worse in case of ransomware. Because I use the drive exclusively for backups, there’s no need for any user (including myself) or other programs besides the backuping app to access the drive. So I began to wonder, is there a way to limit the access to the drive to just one program in Windows?

One Answer

Create a separate standard account for the other users and protect the administrator account with a strong password.

Now from the administrator account, deny read, wrote and execute permissions on the standard user for that drive (You can do this from Properties > Permissions tab). Now the other users logging in from the standard account cannot access the drive.

Answered by programmer365 on January 1, 2022

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