Running WinFlash from command line is not interpreting arguments

Super User Asked by aschmelyun on November 5, 2020

I’m trying to flash the BIOS on my ASUS G53SW using the included WinFlash.exe program. However, the battery in it is busted and through some Googling I’ve discovered that you should be able to run the exe through command prompt with the /f or /forceit argument. Doing that however, returns this error:


I’ve cd’d to the directory and am using WinFlash.exe /f, WinFlash /f, WinFlash /forceit and WinFlash.exe /forceit. I’ve also tried adding in the BIOS file as the first argument like so:

WinFlash.exe C:UsersMeDownloadsbios.file /f still to no avail, it just returns that it cannot find the BIOS file at C:UsersMeDownloadsbios.file /f

Any help? I can’t find any documentation on ASUS WinFlash, and every forum I’ve found just says that using /f works.

One Answer

Try using /nodate instead of /F or /forceit
From a Command Prompt, type something like

"C:Program Files (x86)ASUSWinFlashWinFlash.exe" /nodate

Answered by Pierre on November 5, 2020

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