SFTP connection successful but can't transfer large files

Super User Asked by Ibraheem on December 15, 2020

I’m using SFTP to transfer files between a server and a node. Session from server to node is fine, there is no permission or path issue either. And between the two devices I can put/get file of size 70Bytes without issues, but when I try larger files like 10-12 MBs, the transfer starts and immediately session is reset (closed) with error:

sftp connection closed by remote host couldn’t read packet

When I check the node, a part of the file like around 10000 bytes gets copied within a second and then session is terminated. I tried the same using different files, and tried different nodes (clients) and same situation. These clients are some telecom devices. Any help/idea? I don’t use SFTP much so not sure if I have to enable some switch or mode to make it work.

One Answer

Try to disable "Optimize connection buffer size" in the Advanced Site Settings dialog :

enter image description here

You could also try scp as an alternative.

Answered by harrymc on December 15, 2020

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