Using a function as the lookup_value for MATCH

Super User Asked by Francesco on November 28, 2020

I am trying to set up a formula for a two-way lookup that looks just like this, except that I would like to use the RIGHT function as the argument for the lookup_value of MATCH.

Long story short, the formula only works if I use a plain number as the lookup_value (or reference a cell that contains a plain number, or a formula that simply returns a plain number). Using LEFT (or a reference to a cell that contains just the LEFT function) makes MATCH fail.

A double lookup with INDEX+MATCH also shows the same problem.

I have tried to simulate the issue in this image. Can someone make sense of this behaviour, and hopefully point to any workarounds?

One Answer

I believe the underlying issue is using RIGHT you receive a text answer, now numeric. The values you are looking up in your match are numbers. So in the screen cap below, you will see that if I add *1 to your formula you loose the n/a error.

enter image description here

Hopefully, this answers your questions.

Answered by BradR on November 28, 2020

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