Windows Media Player - Missing ID3 tags on some ripped CD tracks

Super User Asked by Ex Umbris on December 21, 2020

Consider that you have WMP configured to automatically rip CDs when they are inserted.

  1. You insert a CD

  2. WMP starts ripping it, and also starts looking up the CD metadata online. During the lookup process the CD tracks are initially stored in an “Unknown Artist/Unknown Album” folder (with date/time stamp added).

  3. The metadata lookup completes and the artist/album folders are renamed appropriately and the individual track files are renamed as well.

Note that during the initial processing, several tracks were ripped before album/artist information was available. While WMP renamed the folders/files correctly, it did not apply ID3 tag information to the track files that were ripped prior to the metadata being retrieved. If you examine the folder with a tag tool such as mp3tag, you see that the first two or three track files have no ID3 data, while later ones do.

Is it possible to make WMP retrieve metadata again and apply it to the untagged tracks? I have already tried “Find Album Info” and “Update Album Info”, neither of which makes any changes to the ID3 tags.

  • O/S Version: Windows 10 Pro X64 1803
  • WMP Version: 12.0.17134.799
  • Write Media Information Changes to Files: ENABLED

One Answer

I had the same problem and I found a workaround. However it only works if you have a correct and identical file naming (e.g. track number_artist_title).

  1. Download the free software Mp3tag
  2. Import the folders with the music (not too many at the time - I used to import around 1000-2000 music tracks per time)
  3. Sort all the tracks that are "Unknown" after each other
  4. Mark all the tracks with the "Unknown" ID3 Tags holding the shift-key
  5. Click on the icon "Filename - Tag" (Dateiname - Tag)
  6. Define the rule how the files are named (e.g. track number_artist_title --> %track%%artist%%title%)
  7. Click "OK" and the ID3 Tags are generated
  8. Repeat until you have named all your files correctly.

Answered by alex on December 21, 2020

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