xfreerdp ignores resolution parameter

Super User Asked by Vitas on December 12, 2020

I cannot connect to a server with a custom screen resolution set
If I use command
xfreerdp servername -g 1280×1024
it connects but the resolution is 1024×768. Xfreerdp just carelessly ignores the -g parameter. Any ideas how to fix it or some suggestions for alternative RDP client?
It is
freerdp-x11 1.0.1-1ubuntu7 amd64 RDP client for Windows Terminal Services

and I use Ubuntu 12.10 64bit. Thanks

2 Answers

In the recent version that I have (version 2.0.0-rc4), one should use /size:WxH option:

    /size:...   Screen size

The -g and -geometry options are used for other purposes:

    /g:<gateway>[:<port>]       Gateway Hostname

    /geometry                   Geometry tracking channel

Answered by aularon on December 12, 2020

I had got the same problem for a long time with xfreerdp in Debian 7. It's a bug because I finally found the reason which concerns the positional parameters on the command line!

-g option is always ignored when after -d option!

Here's my test :

-g option fails when after -d option

-g option succeeds when after -x -a or -u option

Hope this will help...

EDIT : -t option and -p option fail after -d option

So the rule is : option -d must be the last on the command line!

Answered by user2913598 on December 12, 2020

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