Change the equation of the Gauss bell

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My goal is to draw the absorption peaks of Lambert-Beer-Bouguer graph which, ideally, have the shape of a Gaussian. I would like to make sure that these peaks all have the same width, which in Gauss’s equation depends on sigma, and I could change its height.
Something like


Where 9 is the symmetry axis (mu) and 1 is the height of the peak.
How can I modify the equation to achieve this?

newcommandgauss[2]{1/(sqrt(2*pi))*exp(-((x-#1)^2)/(2*#2^2))} % Gauss function, parameters mu and sigma

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enter image description here

enter image description here

My take -- X can be varied as per choice and will give a corresponding y value

mu gives the mean and sigma the spread

for mu=9 and sigma square=1 --now y(height) can be varied by pushing in various values of x

Answered by js bibra on September 18, 2020

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