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TeX - LaTeX Asked on January 3, 2022

I am trying to create a file with several pages, with summary, hyperlinks, sections, etc., but that can have a variable page size, as in the "standalone" style, but with several pages.

Each page should fit the figure inserted in the page.
Each figure would have its section / subsection and a hyperlink.

Is there a document format already created for this?

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You could use the adjustwidth environment from the changepage package.

wider text

The two arguments lengths are added to the left and right margins respectively; positive value(s) decrease the local textwidth and negative value(s) increases it.

Answered by Peter Wilson on January 3, 2022

I'm afraid you have to come up with your own solution for your problem.

The standalone style in combination with TikZ will produce a single PDF-page for each tikzpicture having the size of the (TikZ-)picture. Maybe this could be a start for you. You could include your figures using node and includegraphics.

This code will generate a PDF with three pages (just filled with a coloured rectangle).


fill[red] (0,0) rectangle (2,3);

fill[green] (0,0) rectangle (5,5);

fill[blue] (0,0) rectangle (3,1);


Answered by susis strolch on January 3, 2022

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