How can I add a hyperlink in PDF document different from a presentation so that while clicking on that hyperlink I can jump to a video?

TeX - LaTeX Asked by Jhon Quiroga Hurtado on December 7, 2020

I am trying to embed a video from YouTube in my PDF document. I have this code on Overleaf, but the video does not load. I need to do this in a PDF document, but not using beamer, since I need to make the link for the video inside an e-book.

This is the code I am using:


title{Using media9 to include video and audio files}

Videos and audios don't play on Overleaf! Download the PDF and open in Acrobat Reader to view. :-)

This is a YouTube video (needs an Internet connection to view):

% using a YouTube video
  modestbranding=1 % no YT logo in control bar
  &autohide=1 % controlbar autohide
  &showinfo=0 % no title and other info before start
  &rel=0 % no related videos after end

Please, can anybody help me with this?

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