How to have multiple children in multiple branches?

TeX - LaTeX Asked by Jean Pimenta on November 28, 2020

I’m trying to get this organization chart. But my attempts failed to reproduce it. If someone knows how to put multiple children in multiple lines/levels, connected to one node, please show me. It is not necessary to reproduce everything, just the skeleton scheme for something similar…

enter image description here

One Answer

This is a basic way to get the layout in forest (and not an attempt to carefully reproduce your screen shot).


forked edges,
for tree={
 minimum width=3em,
delay={where content={}{draw=none,fill=none,
    append after command={(tikzlastnode.north) edge (tikzlastnode.south)}}{}, 

enter image description here

Correct answer by user228539 on November 28, 2020

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