How to run overleaf locally

So far I have been working exclusively online via Overleaf. But now I would like to switch to working offline as well. I would like my compilation process to mimic the one by Overleaf exactly. I tried to read how does Overleaf compile my project. I saw that it uses latexmk so I went ahead and installed it. (I also have texlive-latex-extra on my machine,running Ubuntu 18.04, if that makes any difference). Now, according to the article I linked I should add that code to latexmkrc file. But I have no such file so I am stuck. If anyone could provide any help it will be much appreciated.

TeX - LaTeX Asked by cgss on December 28, 2020

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If you don't have any latexmkrc file, open a new file in your $HOME directory, and name it .latexmkrc (if it is in your document directory, may be named either latexmkrc or .latexmkrc, as stated by Johh Collins in comments) and paste settings given in this article there.

Correct answer by sztruks on December 28, 2020

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