Listings: skip line number ONLY where command is defined

TeX - LaTeX Asked by SRSR333 on December 11, 2020

I have looked at the following:

  1. Suppress line numbering for empty lines in listings package
  2. Suppress line numbering for specific lines in listings package

However, the solution given in the latter thread only skips the line after the |Suppressnumber| command is given, and likewise, only resumes numbering after the |Reactivatenumber| command is given. In other words, this gives a range of skipped numbers.

What I’d like is:

  1. the line number to be suppressed for empty lines (and the counter not incremented: this problem is solved in the first post above);
  2. for specified lines only, not a range, to have their line numbers suppressed without incrementing the counter.

Using some very contrived C, for instance, this is what I would like to have:

   int main () { |Suppressnumber|
1      printf("hellon");
2       while (1) {
3            ;
4            if (0) {
5                ;
             } else {   |Suppressnumber|
6                  int b;
7                  scanf("%d", &b);
             }  |Suppressnumber|
        }    |Suppressnumber|
    }   |Suppressnumber|           

I have experimented with most of the relevant hooks in listings, including EveryLine, EOL, EveryPar, InitVarsBOL and InitVarsEOL, and I can’t think of a way to do this.

One Answer

The problem of the second solution, as you describe it, is that when you use |Suppressnumber| it suppresses the NEXT line. This would not be a problem: simply place the |Suppressnumber| on the line previous to the one you wish to suppress, then the |Reactivatenumber| on the line itself

Using this method you'd almost get the required output since you need the first line to be suppressed. If you do as the previous paragraph suggests you'll have an empty first line numbered one. Then the rest of the output would be numbered as you desire - only off by one.

The solution would be to use the solution suggested here to number the first line with 0 and remove it.

A full MWE:


[email protected]{ifnumvalue{lstnumber}=0else
  llap{[email protected]{thelstnumber}[email protected]}fi}
  [email protected]{OnNewLine}{%
     [email protected]@nerelax%

  [email protected]{OnNewLine}{%
   [email protected]@nerelax}%


   int main () { |Reactivatenumber|
       while (1) { 
            if (0) 
             } else {   |Reactivatenumber|
                  int b;
                  scanf("%d", &b);|Suppressnumber|


And the output

enter image description here

Correct answer by Elad Den on December 11, 2020

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