Numbering pages with hindi numerals using polyglossia

TeX - LaTeX Asked by Faouzi Bellalouna on December 8, 2020

I use polyglossia to produce multi-lingual documents, written in arabic and english. I use the usual numeration with arabic numbers 1,2,3 and I want to number the pages by using the hindi numbers, used in the arabic countries !! (see the MWE). How can I do this?


setmainlanguage[numerals=maghrib]{arabic}  %% The option `numerals=mashriq` gives the hindi numeration

setmainfont[Script=Arabic]{Times New Roman}

newfontfamilyenglishfont{Times New Roman}


raggedrightLR{Page 1

The arabic numbers, used in almost all the word: 1 2 3


LR{Page 2

The hindi numbers, used by the arabic people: arabicdigits{1 2 3}

One Answer

I found in my old documents some thing like, from what I obtain the following commands, renumbering the pages with hindi digits:

%%%%        The Hindi counter is pagenumstyled

Answered by Faouzi Bellalouna on December 8, 2020

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