More verbose logging in tezos-client

Tezos Asked by Thorkil Værge on December 8, 2020

I have some problems connecting to a node through tezos-client. Specifically I cannot succesfully run tezos-client -l -A -P 443 -S config update to connect to a testnet node. It fails on a GET request to (Neither of the two HTTP requests are sent as the TCP or SSL connection is never established).

  Failed to acquire the protocol version from the node
  Rpc request failed:
     - meth: GET
     - uri:
     - error: Unable to connect to the node: "Unix.Unix_error(Unix.ETIMEDOUT, "connect", "")"

But when I run curl -v I get a 200 OK response. curl -v also works.

It would be easier for me to debug the problem, which is probably network related, if I could get verbose logs of what tezos-client is doing, specifically the HTTP requests’ headers would be useful. Is that possible?

One Answer

You can add argument -l --log-requests: log all requests to the node to tezos-client to see the connection.

Although this won't show you the headers, you can see the tezos-client -A ... tries to connect to To connect to instead, you will want to add the following arguments:

  • -S --tls: use TLS to connect to node.
  • -P --port <number>: RPC port of the node with 443

To see the list of all available arguments, check out tezos-client --help.

Answered by Tomáš Zemanovič on December 8, 2020

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