Running Tezos node with rolling mode but sync started at the beginning

Tezos Asked by Bake Tz on November 17, 2021

I’m running the node by described here:
with rolling mode but sync started at the beginning and already use 50GB. I checked timestamp:
$ ./tezos-client get timestamp
What I’m doing wrong?

2 Answers

Im not sure that OP is importing a snapshot - seems OP simply wants to run a rolling node, and expects the node to sync itself with only the 5 latest cycles?

Answered by Bo Byrd on November 17, 2021

Use the history-mode argument when importing the snapshot. These are the steps:

rm -rf .tezos-node/{context,store,version.json}
tezos-node snapshot import "${SNAPSHOT_FILENAME}" --history-mode=experimental-rolling
tezos-node config init
tezos-node run --history-mode=experimental-rolling --rpc-addr= --connections=20 --bootstrap-threshold=3 

Answered by Phlogi on November 17, 2021

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