Can TOR Browser be used with proxychains?

Tor Asked by userme on September 28, 2021

i configured proxychains to use TOR and enabled No DNS Leak,
i installed TOR and it’s working fine (masking my IP and DNS).
I also downloaded TOR Browser to use instead of firefox.
Can someone help me , what is the best and safest way to use Tor Browser anonymously?
can be used along with proxychains like?
$ proxychains tor address
or how can i do that?
(Even i’ll be pleased if there is a safest way to use Tor Browser)

One Answer

From the Tor FAQ:

Proxychains is a program that sends your traffic through a series of open web proxies that you supply before sending it on to your final destination. Unlike Tor, proxychains does not encrypt the connections between each proxy server. An open proxy that wanted to monitor your connection could see all the other proxy servers you wanted to use between itself and your final destination, as well as the IP address that proxy hop received traffic from.

Because the Tor protocol requires encrypted relay-to-relay connections, not even a misbehaving relay can see the entire path of any Tor user.

While Tor relays are run by volunteers and checked periodically for suspicious behavior, many open proxies that can be found with a search engine are compromised machines, misconfigured private proxies not intended for public use, or honeypots set up to exploit users.

Answered by JSEvans on September 28, 2021

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