Purpose of geoip Data file

Tor Asked on December 30, 2021

Hi I’m very new to Tor and I was wondering if someone could help me understand what the purpose or function of the file:


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Just provision of the country-based filtering, nothing more. As usual, actually - it's not Tor-specific and that's what the GeoIP for. A hint for you: you can purchase the paid subscription from MaxMind for GeoIP and try to feed these files to Tor - and the accuracy improves greatly

Answered by Alexey Vesnin on December 30, 2021

Since you're new, the first place to find the answers to your questions is to check is the documentation page.

From the Tor Manual: "A filename containing IPv4 GeoIP data, for use with by-country statistics."

Answered by JSEvans on December 30, 2021

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