Can Indian citizen with B1/B2 visa can travel in foreign flights during COVID?

Travel Asked by Lafada on August 22, 2020

Indian govt declare some air bubble to travel, where they will allow foreign airlines to operate in Indian airport.

My parents have valid B1/B2 visa, can they travel in any foreign airlines?

As per my knowledge, the Vande Bharat special flight which was the only option to travel during lockdown in India, were allowing only GC, Citizen or valid work permit visa holder to travel from India to USA.

Is there any restriction for tourist visa holder in USA in corona time?

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One Answer

Indian government doesn't place much restriction in traveling outside country. Most restrictions are placed by receiving countries. If you qualify for admission in receiving country, you can travel on Vande Bharat flights.

From this post, you need to qualify any of the following criteria in order to get admitted to USA. Without these, you won't be allowed to board the flight.

US citizens and nationals
lawful permanent residents (green card holders)
spouses of citizens or LPRs
parents of unmarried citizens/LPRs under 21
siblings of citizens/LPRs, both unmarried and under 21
children, foster children, and adoptees of citizens/LPRs
air and sea crew members
diplomats and foreign officials
those granted exceptions by high-level officials

Just a valid B1/B2 visa doesn't qualify.

Answered by Anish Sheela on August 22, 2020

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