"No record found for traveler" error when I try to look up my US travel history - is there a way to get this corrected?

Travel Asked on January 6, 2022

The official CBP website provides a handy way of searching for one’s travel history. Up until a few weeks ago it worked flawlessly and I could easily track my travels. However now I’m seeing a strange error when I type in my details:

Enter Your Traveler Info. No record found for traveler

What is the reason behind this and can I somehow get this corrected? Do note that I can successfully retrieve my I-94 (so my passport details are correct) and friends are reporting that travel history lookup is still working correctly on their end.

Update from 2021: still seeing the same error, not sure what would be required to get it corrected.

One Answer

Tried this with 2 relatives who visited us who are not US citizens.

All had same result when using CURRENT passport number on which they last entered US.

However, using PRIOR passport number on which they first entered US, am able to see Travel History without problem. Of note, last I-94, unfortunately, gives last I-94 under OLD passport.

Answered by MMK on January 6, 2022

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