Add Support CRAM-MD5 or DIGEST-MD5 to SMTP server

Unix & Linux Asked by AlPav99 on December 22, 2020

I use a CentOS Linux server release 7.8.2003 (Core) by Godaddy.
My problem is that the SMTP mail server (dovecot- and exim-4.93-5.cp1186.x86_64) doesn’t accept CRAM-MD5 or DIGEST-MD5 authentication protocols.
I have many users with MacOS, who for this reason, recive but cannot send emails.
Each logon attempt ends with:

Nov 16 19:11:01 ip-107-180-93-194 dovecot: imap-login: Aborted login (auth failed, 5 attempts in 26 secs): user=<[email protected]>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, TLS, session=<9iDtUkK0Nc9CQbbe>

I would be very grateful if anyone would provide me a guide how to fix it.
Greetings and thanks in advance.

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