What command in a SCRIPT will cause the next "ls" to list the files IMMEDIATELY?


What command can I run in a bash script that will make the next ls at a
terminal list the files in a directory immediately, instead of having to wait 10

And see Questions 1 and 2 at end of "Full Details".

Full Details

I’ve got 700 video files (mp4) in a directory, ranging in size from 100 MB to
1GB. The average file size is 200 MB.

When I list them for the first time after boot (using ls in a terminal, or using
pcmanfm), it takes 10 seconds before the files are listed. Thereafter, when I
list them again (with ls or in pcmanfm), the files are listed almost

So to try and get round this initial wait time, I ran the following command in a
script after bootup:

ls /path/to/vid-directory

… so that thereafter, when I list the directory with ls or in pcmanfm, the
files list immediately.

But strangely, running

ls /path/to/vid-directory

in the SCRIPT does NOT cause the NEXT ls or pcmanfm to list the files
immediately (they’re listed after 10 seconds). Also strangely, when the initial
script runs, the files are listed almost immediately.

So, running ls at a terminal seems to store the filenames in RAM cache, whereas
running ls in a script does not*.

Question 1: Why is the latter* happening?

Question 2: What command(s) should I run in my script that WILL cause the
next ls or pcmanfm to list the files immediately?

PS: Whilst doing the testing, I made sure that RAM was initially empty by

sudo sh -c 'echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches'

Unix & Linux Asked by dave99 on December 30, 2020

2 Answers

2 Answers

The only plausible difference between ls in a terminal and ls in a script is that you've aliased ls to pass an option that requires it not only to read the list of file names, but also to read the file's attributes. The option is probably --color. Reading the list of file names only requires reading from the directory itself, whereas reading the file's attributes requires accessing each individual file's inode (with an lstat system call). So when you run ls in that script, only the file names end up in the cache, not their attributes. The first time you run ls in the terminal or use a GUI file manager, the attributes need to be loaded.

Pass the same options to ls in your script that you use on the terminal.

10 seconds to list only 700 files is abnormally slow though. The size of the files is irrelevant. Typical modern systems only start getting noticeably slow with tens or hundreds of thousands of files if not more.

Correct answer by Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' on December 30, 2020

You can find out what the problem is by running after a reboot:

strace -tt -o ls.strace ls /path/to/directory

The output of ls can be accelerated by ls -U but, of course, that does change the output.

700 files is not a large number. Some acceleration may be achieved by rewriting all the directory entries:

mkdir /tmpdir/on/the/same/filesystem
mv * /tmpdir/on/the/same/filesystem
mv /tmpdir/on/the/same/filesystem/* .

But the most effective solution may be to have the directory be read automatically in the background at boot.

Answered by Hauke Laging on December 30, 2020

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