how can I convert slow motion video into normal speed without losing fps or audio sample rate?

Video Production Asked by TheRedstoneGuy on October 28, 2021

I want to download a slow-motion video playlist (with the frame rate of the videos being either 480 fps or 1000 fps.) and be able to speed up the videos at least 16x without losing the frame rate or sample rate. So, if anyone could help me with this I would really appreciate it!


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This is sadly not possible. You could theoretically have a video with effectivly 500 FPS, but that won't play on any device.

That's why cameras generally record to a project frame rate (Normaly 24, 25 or 30 FPS) and just stretch out the video.

Answered by Timothy Lukas H. on October 28, 2021

This is a contradiction.

If you want to change the frame rate speeding up you have to change the frame rate.

You could try to playback a video at 16,000 fps... Why would you need to playback a video to 16,000 fps if no human or living being could notice the difference to let's say 120 fps?

You also need a monster of a computer to playback that among other technical problems.

But then when I need it slowed down, I could use software or something to view it in slow motion

Ok, so have two versions of it, one converted to normal speed and the original.

Answered by Rafael on October 28, 2021

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