Is it possible to search all markers in Premiere?

Video Production Asked on October 28, 2021

If I have added markers to multiple clips, how do I search for those markers using the text within the markers, if they’re not already in a sequence?

For example: I have a clip that it playing, I hit M to mark. I type “good” into the marker description. I now want to find that marker globally in my whole project. The clip isn’t in a sequence yet. Can I?

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It's not currently a feature, but one work around is to throw all your sequences (nested) into one sequence and then in the Markers window right click the tab menu and select "Show all clip markers in sequence".

This will give you one big searchable list of markers in all the sequences in your big sequence.

Answered by James Stephen Brown on October 28, 2021

You can use the Project panel search box to find your specific markers, and even save your search as a Search Bin by clicking the folder icon with the magnifying glass.

enter image description here

You can then search within each matching clip for the specific marker by first selecting that clip in the Project panel, then using the search in the Markers panel which you can open by going to Windows > Markers

enter image description here enter image description here

You can find additional information about searching your project in Adobe's help documentation on finding assets.

Answered by BreadEagles on October 28, 2021

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