Where are the Source Scaling Options in Adobe Media Encoder CS6?

Video Production Asked on October 28, 2021

In Adobe Media encoder CC, the Settings in the drop-down menu have a Match Source option that will preserve the pixel size of the file.

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In this Adobe Help article, the authors of the page state that Adobe Media Encoder CS6 can let the user chose “Match Source” in an “Output” panel.

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I have seen this panel in the Export window of Premiere Pro before, but my version of Adobe Media Encoder doesn’t seem to have this panel:

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When I add projects to Adobe Media Encoder, they show up in the Queue panel, and the settings are in the top right Preset Browser panel. None of them has a “Match Source” option.

If I am directly adding video files to the Encoder, which isn’t in one of the preset pixel sizes, how do I encode it properly in Adobe Media Encoder CS6?

One Answer

If you're just looking for the h.264 match source settings preset, you'll find it in the Preset Browser under System Presets > Broadcast > H.264

preset browser

If you have another preset that you want to use, or if you're wanting to customise one, then if you look at the presets in the queue item you'll see that you can click on the name of the preset to edit the settings—note the blue line when you hover.

preset name

Once you do that the familiar export settings window will appear, with the great big Match Source button.

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Answered by stib on October 28, 2021

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