Google Sheets formula to find previous day high of a share price

Web Applications Asked on January 3, 2022

Need previous day high/low price of a share.
This formula gives answer


This gives an answer with date and time in separate columns.
But I need only the value of a particular share price.
Will anyone help me out.

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knowing it that I am bit late but it may help someone else,

Try =googlefinance("NSE:IDEA","high",WORKDAY( TODAY(), -2 ))

  • it will work for that specific date only, ie, previous day or previous day when market was opened, which ever is the case. Hope that google consider specific Stock Exchange Holiday list as well when using this particular formula though not checked that aspect.

where "NSE:IDEA" is the stock listed in NSE

Currently trying Google Finance in many possible ways as possible to get insights. If anyone wanting me to share more such formula to get specific data, please let me know and I will share. Hope you will share more and more specific formula examples to fetch specific market data based on more and more specific logical requirements to get insights on the market.

Answered by Sujith Ambraith on January 3, 2022

=INDEX( GoogleFinance( "NSE:"&A2 , "all" , TODAY()-2 ) , 2, 2) - Pre. Open

=INDEX( GoogleFinance( "NSE:"&A2 , "all" , TODAY()-2 ) , 2, 3) - Pre. High

=INDEX( GoogleFinance( "NSE:"&A2 , "all" , TODAY()-2 ) , 2, 4) - Pre. Low

=INDEX( GoogleFinance( "NSE:"&A2 , "all" , TODAY()-2 ) , 2, 6) - Pre. Volume

Answered by Vinod GM on January 3, 2022

I think this will help you


This will fetch the previous day market high.

Answered by dgnk on January 3, 2022

  • use INDEX to filter it out like:

    =INDEX(GOOGLEFINANCE("nse:"&O18, "high", TODAY()-2.1), 2, 2)


Answered by user0 on January 3, 2022

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