How can I pull a value from one column based on the values of another column?

Web Applications Asked by William Pratt on December 4, 2020

When the value in the “Amount Owed” column becomes less than 0, I want the value in the “Year” column to appear under “Year Paid Off.”

For example, if the “Amount Owed” dropped below zero at “Year” 1, I would want 1 to appear under “Year Paid Off”

I’ve tried a few different ways but nothing seems to work. I thought I could just do something like =if(f6:f130<0,c6:c130) but that seems way off.

One Answer

if there will be only one possible negative value try this:

E2: =FILTER(C6:C130;F6:F130 <0)

if there will be more the one possible negative values try this:

E2: =TRANSPOSE(FILTER(C6:C130;F6:F130 <0))

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Answered by user0 on December 4, 2020

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