Do CSS libraries like Bootsrap hurt SEO and Google rankings?

Webmasters Asked by Kovács Gergely on December 25, 2020

Recently one of my coworkers, insisted on that i should rework a project, just because I used Bootstrap as a grid system. He argued

"that usage of CSS libraries (especially Bootstrap) is the one of main
reasons for dropping positions in Google SERP"

Is there any supporting articles on this topic? What is the effect of CSS libraries on SEO?

I suspect that valid CSS does not affect SEO whatsoever.

One Answer

Technically speaking it doesn't a CSS framework is just a set of styling classes that helps users to create website faster. AS for bootstrap ever since it was released it helped countless devs and website owners to have a responsive layout and believe me it doesn't affect your rankings. Your SEO ranking is determined with your content, page loading time, user friendly design, etc. Don't belive him if you think your website is looking good and have a fast loading time you don't really need to do anything aside content optimization.

Fun fact: almost 18 million websites are made with boothstrap and bootstrap holds a relatively high margin of 52% in total web designing frameworks.

Answered by Ankit Y. on December 25, 2020

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Do CSS libraries like Bootsrap hurt SEO and Google rankings?

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