Google news - publishercenter not indexing our English speaking articles

Webmasters Asked on December 25, 2021

Is it possible that google automatically disbands non international domains for English language in google news?

We have a website in Croatian language, with one English subsection.

We have 2 news publications in our publishercenter.
Our goal is to reach traffic from outside of Croatia, so tourists can read news and inform themselves if they want to travel to Croatia.

One is, set to croatia only as a croatian language.

Second one is, set to worldwide as an english speaking website, with separate RSS feeds (only english written categories)

Articles appear correctly if you search our publication directly, and visit publication homepage, but when you try to search articles by exact title, even tho it has only 200 results in google news search, there are zero articles from our publication (tried VPN from multiple countries).
All results are from .com and domains and .net domains.

Articles written in Croatian language appears correctly in search.

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