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WordPress Development Asked by Trello on January 4, 2022

I have my own Ajax load more button system but for posts now i decide to make the same thing but for comments so after check get_comments i found that i can’t get the CURRENT page of comments like posts.

So anyone have any example to help me about this? Because comments is totally different than posts.


One Answer

Well, this question is old but still has no answer!

Here is a small solution for future visitors.

Implementing load more button for comments without plugins is simple enough:

  1. Create a button if comment pages are 2 and more
  2. Create a jQuery script that will process the button click event and passes the current comment page number to wp_ajax_ action hook
  3. The last step – is wp_ajax_ function that will process the AJAX request.

That's all!

But if you need the ready code, please look at this tutorial

Answered by Misha Rudrastyh on January 4, 2022

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