how to redirect the link to a category in the website

WordPress Development Asked by jeline on November 26, 2020

Hi Im really new to wordpress and this error is really stressing me out
everytime I click a link in my category sidebar it redirects me to the homepage any idea on how to resolve this problem

enter image description here

this is my sidebar in my news page

the url it gives is (websitename)/category/announcements/
the link is correct but the page is wrong

Thanks in advance

One Answer

It's hard to say what exactly is going on without more information, but seeing as you're new to Wordpress, it may just be a simple Permalink issue. When on your dashboard, go to Settings > Permalinks, and change this to the "Post Name" option.

If that doesn't work, please provide more information. Is category an actual category, or is it a page? Is announcements a page or a post of a certain category? Anything you can tell us will help.

Answered by Porter on November 26, 2020

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