What kind of plot structure or format does "South Pacific" follow?

Writing Asked by Tom Au on July 24, 2020

In the movie, "South Pacific," the (probable) protagonist is one Lt. Joseph Cable. His problem is that he gets killed before the end.

About 10%-15% into the movie, we meet two other characters, the Frenchman, Emil deBecque, Cable’s (surviving) companion, and his future wife, the nurse Nellie Forbush. (About the middle of the movie, we also meet Cable’s girl, Liat, the daughter of Bloody Mary (who is introduced early in the play)).

What kind of plot structure or format is it when the main character doesn’t make it to the end, and the burden of finishing the story falls on the second and third most important characters? (We also lose sight of Liat at the end, because Lt. Cable is gone.)

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